HARRP forms are downloadable in both PDF and Word files.
PDF documents will require (free) Acrobat Reader. Download latest version here.
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List of Available Forms

  • Adjudication of Disputes pdf Word
  • Auto Accident Report Form pdf Word
  • Auto Liability Add/ Delete Form pdf Word
  • Building Inspection Checklist pdf Word
    Facilities Inspection Checklist Instructions
    (Risk Management Bulletin)
  • California Tort Claim Notice pdf Word
  • Chain of Evidence Form pdf Word
  • CIAP Modernization Checklist pdf Word
  • Claim or Incident Notice pdf Word
  • Contractual Risk Transfer pdf Word
  • Funding Criteria Proposal and Application pdf Word
  • Landscape Inspection Form pdf Word
  • Mold and Mildew Addendum pdf Word
  • Note for Member Audits pdf Word
  • Playground Inspection Form pdf Word
  • Property Underwriting Guidelines pdf Word
  • Property Coverage Change form pdf Word (please send digital pictures if you are adding a property)
  • Request for Certificate of Insurance Coverage pdf Word
  • Safe-T-Element Coupon & Order Form pdf
  • Space Agreement pdf Word
  • Termination Checklist pdf Word
  • Unacceptable Driver Criteria pdf Word
  • Vehicle Maintenance Form and Driver’s Inspection Report pdf Word