Facilities Inspection Checklist Instructions


Facilities Inspection Checklists

In response to member requests, the Housing Authorities Risk Retention Pool has prepared a building inspection checklist. Our intent is to provide a tool to assist building management and maintenance personnel in the completion of facility fire safety inspections. The checklist is designed to help persons not specifically trained in fire safety to identify potential problem areas. Questions answered "No" identify areas requiring further evaluation by trained personnel. While some orientation may be required to answer the questions on sprinkler or alarm systems, most members will be able to utilize the form with no training.

Inspections should be conducted at least semi-annually. Some facilities, depending on the operations, may require inspections more frequently. The person conducting the inspection is instructed to notify his/her supervisor if any questions were answered "No". The purpose of this instruction is to notify management of the need for a more detailed evaluation. In the event your staff lacks the expertise to complete a detailed evaluation, contact a vendor. The checklist is not all inclusive and is not intended to assure compliance with fire codes.

This is the first step in improving the level of fire safety at your facilities. The dollars saved by preventing or minimizing fire losses are returned to the HARRP members in the form of stable competitive pricing and improved member services. Please share this bulletin and the attached checklist with your staff.