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The documents and practices set forth in the HARRP Member's Best Practices have been provided by HARRP's members and are informational only. HARRP has not reviewed the documents or practices as to content, quality or legality and therefore cannot warrant the results of using, adapting or following the documents or practices. Through its website, HARRP has merely facilitated the exchange of information among its members to encourage active discussion of risk management and operational issues. Each user reviewing the documents or practices in this section should carefully evaluate them in relation to their own operations, observations and experience, and, if appropriate, consider adapting them or not using them. User assumes all risk of use of the documents or practices in this section. User questions should be directed to the contact person for each item listed. Questions also can be directed to HARRP staff.

Documents are in PDF 1 or MS Word 2 format. To save the document to your hard drive in MS Word format: right click on the link; click on "save target as" (Internet Explorer) or "save link as" (Netscape); save the file to a directory on your computer.

Snow/Ice Removal Policy

Confidentiality Policies

  • Confidentiality Policy 2 (Santa Barbara)
  • Whistleblower Rights and Protection 2 (WWHA)


Internet Use Policies

  • Electronic and Telephonic Communications, Email and the Internet 2 (Bullivant, Houser, Bailey)


Medical Leave Policies

  • Federal Medical Leave Act/Oregon Family Medical Leave Act Policy and Procedure 2


Personnel Policies

  • Interactive Process: Reasonable Accommodation 2 (Bullivant, Houser, Bailey)
  • Nondiscrimination and Harassment Policy 2 (Bullivant, Houser, Bailey)
  • Employee Termination Checklist 1 (HARRP)
  • Violence in the Workplace Policy 2 (Bullivant, Houser, Bailey)
  • Employee Checks 1 (Bullivant, Houser, Bailey)
  • Employee Investigation Checklist 1 (Bullivant, Houser, Bailey)
  • Employee Termination Do's and Dont's 1 (Bullivant, Houser, Bailey)
  • Personnel Policies 1 (Clackamas County)
  • Use of Cell Phones (CORHA)
  • Use of Cell Phones While Driving (HARRP)


Pet Policies

  • Sample Service Animal Policy


Professional Services Contract

  • Professional Services Contract 2 (Portland)


Reasonable Accommodation Policies

  • Definitions of Disability 1 Seattle (V. Omar Barraza)
  • Laws and Government Regulations Chart 1 Seattle (V. Omar Barraza)
  • Reasonable Accommodation Policy 2 (HACSA-Lane Co)


Forms included in the Appendix are:

    • Policy of Nondiscrimination Posting
    • Certification of Disability for Eligibility
    • Notice of Right to Reasonable Accommodation
    • Reasonable Accommodation Cover Memo
    • Request for Reasonable Accommodation and Verification
    • Verification of Disability for Reasonable Accommodation
    • Notice of Approval Letter
    • Companion Animal Approval Letter
    • Denial Letter
    • Extension Request
    • Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Guide 1 (Portland)
    • Reasonable Accommidation Brochure 1 (Portland)
    • Disability Handbook- Rights and Responsibilities of Tenants 1 (Washington County)
    • Procedure for Responding to Requests for Reasonable Accommodation 1 (Washington County)


Substance Abuse Policies

  • Employee Substance Abuse Program 1 (Douglas)
  • Drug Free Workplace Employment Consent 1 (Douglas)
  • Last Chance Agreement 1 (Douglas)


Vehicle Use Policies

  • Unacceptable Driver Criteria 2 (HARRP)
  • Safe Driving, Insurablitiy and Vehicle Use policy 2 (Santa Barbara)
  • Towing Policy 2 (City of Alameda)
  • Vehicle Home Garaging Policy (King County)


  • Use of Volunteers